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Astro Pics
These are pics taken with a CookBook 245 camera that I built in '94. Even after all this time I'm still basically a rookie. I'm starting to pay more attention to processing.  In the near future, I hope to obtain a SBIG ST2000 & get into Comet hunting and / or N.E.O., but that remains to be seen. So for now , this is all I can offer you.  In early September I picked up a ST2000XM.  While in the process of learning the camera and taking  sample pics of NGC 91,  I stumbled across an Asteroid that was not displayed on MegaStar.  I turned in the coordinates for three nights in to the Minor Planet Center (MPC). It turned out that it was a new object and they gave me credit for the discovery.  Designated  2007 SF11

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different  Comets in motion

Comet AVI's